mvncenter,a more effective Maven search engine

mvncenter is a maven search engine based on the maven central repository. Compared with the official maven search engine or other maven search tools, mvncenter has more powerful search features, better user experience, and more efficient help tools.

Powerful search capabilities

In addition to the basic GAV (groupId, artifactId, version) search, it also supports searching by package name, class name, SHA-1 value, JAR/POM filtering, and the engine is more comprehensive and powerful.

Better user experience

For each search result item, it provides code copying of multiple dependency methods, provides direct download file link, and provides visual project dependency display, so that you can see the project dependency situation.

Super multi-productivity tools

The maven version detection tool can help developers discover new versions quickly and provide better decision-making references for upgrading new versions. JVS provides a java multi-version switching tool, which is a boon for maven developers running on the command line.

Say goodbye to "I am human"

Completely bid farewell to unreasonable real human verification such as lions, ships, bicycles, etc. The time of developers cannot be wasted on the defects of their own designs.